Hire Millennial Superstars - 10 Interview Questions

When I work with business owners regardless of their industry, one of the issues that seems to cause deep frustration is hiring good employees. With the face of the workforce changing so drastically, hiring and retaining quality people is not simple.   You have to take into account the background of this newer generation and really explore what kind of person is sitting in front of you with

CPA Tidbits – “I’m more than a bean counter!”

Sure, you have your trusty calculator by your side most all of the time, but this derogatory phrase - “bean counter” – doesn’t mean you slave over spreadsheets every waking second. You are much more than that – and your clients NEED to know that!

Women CPAs Work Their Assets Off

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Time and Living Life to the Fullest

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Adventure is calling

We have an extra hour of daylight these days.   Flowers are starting to bloom on the trees and shrubs.  Spring officially begins in a few days.  Easter Sunday almost here.   There are so many reasons to feel energized and excited.   What are you ready to do with this time?  What new adventure is calling you?

The dream is free

No one ever has said success at anything is easy; it requires long-term hard work.  But imagine making whatever you dream come true.   It will be completely worth it.

“Yes, You Can Quit Your Job!”

“Yes, You Can Quit Your Job!”

Do You Ever See Yourself Retiring?

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It's Friday - Enjoy your weekend!

It's Friday -  Enjoy your weekend!  But first....

Time Management Skills for Small Business Owners

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