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Anxiety image for landing pageAnxiety…probably one of the biggest causes of stress in life.

Chances are you know someone who suffers from anxiety. You can hear it when you talk to them and see it in their behavior when you're around them. I got a text from my daughter the other day saying she is very anxious all the time, even though she runs 3 miles each day and does yoga 5 days a week. She is in college and is doing very well, yet she is still anxious. When you are around her one of the things you notice is that she likes to plan everything out and can’t wait for the next “thing.” I blessed her with this gene (I got it from my mom and she got it from her mom).

So how do you manage anxiety? I’ll share with you what I do and what I suggested to my daughter.

1. Be self aware. Knowing that you have a tendency to be anxious is a major part of the battle and you can develop the tools to help you manage it. Being self aware is accepting you for you. I’m a mess at times! I have come to accept that I can’t stop focusing on money or being critical of my physical self. I know this is a problem. So when I find myself falling into these traps, I stop and focus on my list of things I love, the wonderful things that I have experienced, and the memories I cherish. Doing this allows me to get back on course to what I truly want my life to be.

2. Meditation or prayer. Years ago I took a transcendental meditation course. What I learned was how to take control of me and become more aware of my state of mind. Twice a day for twenty minutes I revive myself by meditating and praying. This allows me reset and deal with life as it happens. Prayer has the same effect on me. Having a talk with God each day gives me confidence that I’m not alone in the world and that God has my back. Having a spiritual practice opens up a world of opportunities and gives me the ability to go after my dreams.

3. Limit screen time. How many times a day do you look at your phone? Are you constantly being bombarded with notifications? I believe that screen time is one of the reasons we have seen an increase in anxiety among adults and children. A couple of weeks ago I went on vacation with my family. I decided to shut off from the world. So I turned off my notifications, set my email and text to only update twice a day, and put the "do not disturb" on my phone. It took a day for me to unwind from the constant desire to look at my phone. But once I did, a weight came off my shoulders. I have continued this and applied it to two of my seven days a week. Try it. I think you will like it!

4. Clean eating. How you eat is a big part of your physical and mental health. In the last 18 years food has become more engineered and processed. Try to limit processed foods in your diet. Focus on providing your body with good nutrition. Good for the mind...and the waistline! 

5. Stop caring so much about what others think and expect from you. This is probably the most important item on this list. God made you for a purpose. So why do think your neighbors, social media, or any other person should dictate your life and its requirements? Be nice, be helpful, and add value to the world. Stop worrying about the past. You can’t change it now. Take advantage of the future by doing what is needs to be done to ensure that you have the ability to execute on the opportunities that God gives you. Focus on becoming the best version of you each day. 

I’m not a doctor but what I do know is that I have carried around baggage from the past and it has not benefited me in anyway. Nor will it ever. The only way you or I will change our future is to accept where we are today and take action to create our future. Remember, you are not alone - so stop trying to carry the weight of the world by yourself.

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