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Van Life image for landing pageNot many people can say they've experienced coasting along the continent in a small car, van, or camper for more than 3 weeks at a time. In this fast paced world, where the phrase "eat or be eaten" takes hold, not many people realize that they should consider taking a vacation that lasts more than 10 days. I know, I know, that's just not possible, you say, but if there is something you want then there is no doubt a way for it to come to fruition. When you were a kid, when you wanted something, you asked for it, right? Well why don't you apply a similar concept to taking time off and living a simply as it gets and take on the term "Van Life."

Now, I've grown up with two very adventurous parents who were always game for anything and if I can take away one thing from what they've taught me, it would be that travel is simple, and if you want to go somewhere, there is a way to make it happen. I learned this lesson very quickly. I would say about 80% of my traveling as a child and even a young adult was done via car. Road trips were and still are something I love. Being in the car for long periods of time can push you to your limits, but trust me, the reward is great. Every time we take a road trip and experience "Van Life" I become even closer to my family. My days are spent taking wet wipe showers - because there is no such thing as a shower in a Chevy Tahoe, pestering my sister to play the license plate game, listening to audio books, and eating Chick-Fil-A on the road. Some of my favorite memories and trips were ones that we took by car, when I experienced "Van Life."

So, essentially what I'm trying to get across to you is that pulling yourself away from the rat race, detaching from all cellular devices - because you don't have service anyway - and taking a moment to spend quality time with your family or friends is nearly essential is this digital world we live in. In my own personal experience, taking time away from social media and my cellphone helps me sleep better, makes me less moody, and pretty much an all around better person. "Van Life" forces you to do all of these things. This probably freaks you out a little but pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is essential to not staying stagnant. Taking the time, pushing yourself to your limits, and taking a break from the headache that work can be is crucial to remaining a creative human being. So, I challenge you to take what my family likes to call a "mini-retirement" and go experience some of that "Van Life" for yourself.

Haileigh Angelle is my daughter. She is a freshmen Savanna College of Art and Design studying Social Strategy and Management and she is wise beyond her years. Check her out on Instagram @haileighangelle.

If you want to talk more about how you can take a "mini-retirement" or plan a vacation to spend more time with your family, reach out to me. You can reach me at or you can click the image below to view my calendar and set an appointment.  

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