Turn Your Goals Into Reality

You can spend time trying to right the past...but more time will pass than you'll get right.

Want to Make More Money?

Job...that might not be the right word for it. Instead of thinking about it as another job, consider getting a second source or third source of income. I can see how this might be a weird idea. But, in the future, creating a second or third source of income is very possible even without disrupting your life.

Want to Have More Money? Save, Save, Save

What's the secret to having more money? You have to save. Check out my latest video on why saving money is so important for your financial future.

How Do I Know What Investments to Make?

People constantly ask me, "What companies should I invest in?" Our world is ever-changing and that means your investment strategy should change too. Check out my latest video for some tips on how to stay current with your investments.

Where Did All My Money Go?

Do you ever get paid and then wonder, "where did all my money go?" In his latest video, Trent discusses the "cash is king" financial method. By using this method, often times  you are able to lower your monthly expenses and have more money in savings.

What's the Best Investment I Can Make?

What's the best investment you can make? Check out Trent's latest video to find out.

Why is it so Hard to Achieve Your Life Vision?

Why is achieving your life vision so hard? Here are three reasons:

Three Things I Learned from the Death of My Sister

It’s the call you don’t want to get. ‘Trent…you need to get to Atlanta. Shay has taken a turn for the worse.’

Let Me Help You Solve Problems

Do you have a problem that is bothering you? A financial advisor can help you solve problem. Click here for Trent's story on how he helped a client turn an interest into a source of income.

Take Control of Your Mindset

Don't let negative thoughts get you down or control you. Click here for ways to change your mindset and start believing in yourself today.

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