Is an Expansion Right for Your Business?

Are you thinking of expanding your business? Here are a few things to keep in mind before taking the next step.

Not All Social Media Outlets are the Same

Not all social media outlets are the same…

What's Your Strategy?

Business is no different than two gladiators fighting.

Most People Want to Fail (Or Don't Know How to Succeed)

It’s all in how we think. "Oh, I hate my job. I don’t like my boss. I would rather be doing something else." You have heard it before, if not in your own head, from someone else.

Realtors: It's Tax Time!! Tax strategy that will save you $$$$!!

It’s so common. I always ask the question to our prospects who are realtors, ‘”How do you receive your commissions?” Most come back to me with a simple , “I receive them in my checking account.” And most pay ordinary income tax on their earnings.

Donald Trump has our attention.

Donald Trump has our attention!

The Difference Between What You Say and What Your Client or Customer Hears

The Difference Between What You Say and What Your Client or Customer Hears

Do We Ask Our Employees to Collect Dots or to Connect Dots?

Do we ask our employees to collect dots or to connect dots?

If you are not taking care of your customer...

Quit swimming in the abyss…Know your competition

Have you ever gone car shopping with no idea what kind of car/truck you want to buy? If you have, it is a very long frustrating process where you usually end up with something you don't want.

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