The Life of a Middle-Aged Man (Part 3)

GettyImages-679939730.jpgMy five things for the week:

  1. Books I Read this Week: No book this week. But a great podcast. Tim Ferris #256 "How to Overcome Anxiety and Stress" with adviser to Olympians, Micheal Gervais. 
  2. Big Change: Income diversification. Instead of one source, three sources.  
  3. Money: If you take a hit in your income or your portfolio takes a hit, how much breaks the bank? With this whole North Korea thing, it got me to thinking about if we were to go to war, how much of our portfolios would be at risk?
  4. Inspiration: I was asked to be in a relative's wedding. He told me that he wanted the four people who have been the most inspirational in his life to be a part of his wedding party. It came at a perfect time. Gave me clarity of my purpose.
  5. Objective: Stay in my lane like a race horse. 

That's what was up this past week. I believe you have one shot at this life. So you might as well do it your way.

Being fearful of something can be a positive motivator. - Trent 


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