The Life of a Middle-Aged Man (Part 2)

Life of middle aged man part 2 photo.jpgI hope your weekend was great. Mine was pretty good. Actually, I can’t remember what I did. Is this a sign of dementia?!? Probably not. Like you, I always have a lot on my mind. I've got to find a way to stop that. 

Here are some things from last week I thought you would find beneficial. 

  1. Book read (or listened to): Rhinoceros Success: The Secret to Charging Full Speed Towards Every Opportunity by Scott Alexander. This was a quick listen. Yes, I listen to books. I am a very slow reader. It was about an hour long and a good "get you pumped up" book.
  2. Big change: Getting on my mountain bike at least three days a week. There is a lot of sand in Florida. But I love to ride. 
  3. Money: Less is more. Cleaning out my storage unit, closets, etc. I'm actually getting rid of stuff I haven’t used in six months and selling what is valuable on Craig’s List. 
  4. Inspiration: Check out The Defiant Ones documentary on HBO, episode 4, last 60 seconds. Straight up great advice.
  5. Objective: More refining of my life vision. Following the Plan!

“Be true to yourself. Be true to your art. Never take it for granted.” - The D.O.C.

Let me know if I can be of help or be an inspiration. Send me an email at Together we will make stuff happen.


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