Countdown to Retirement...At Retirement

Congratulations! After years of hard work, you've made it to retirement! Here are some things to consider to help keep your retirement running smoothly.

Countdown to Retirement...1 Year

You've almost made it! The finish line is clearly within sight! As your excitement grows surrounding your upcoming retirement, make sure you've reviewed these "to do" items to help you stay on track to reach your retirement goals! 

Countdown to Retirement...3 Years

At this point, retirement is clearly within reach. You are so close - just a few more years to go! Here are some items you should consider as your target retirement date draws nearer.

Countdown to Retirement...5 Years or More

There’s a lot to consider as you prepare for retirement, so it’s wise to begin planning well ahead of time. Here are some items to consider to help you stay on track for the retirement you envision.

Global Macro Economic Update: August 2020

IntroductionI'm Trent Grinkmeyer, wealth advisor and co-founder of Grinkmeyer Leonard Financial. The following is a brief, hopefully easy to understand, explanation of where we feel global markets presently stand.

How to Pick Stocks and Bonds to Invest In!

In this video, I share part of the process I use to pick stocks, companies, and industries to invest in. You will learn how I identify changes in our post-COVID world and ways to help you discover and invest in the companies that are changing our world. Technology is leading the way to the new ways we will educate and do business in the coming weeks, months and years. Finding leaders in the

Global Macro Update: Month Ending June 30, 2020

The following is a brief, hopefully easy to understand, explanation of where we feel global markets presently stand. 

Is the Worst Yet to Come for the Stock Market?

In this video I compare the tech bubble of 2001-02 and the financial crisis in 2008 with today’s COVID-19 market crash. By reviewing the S&P 500 and the U.S. 10-year Treasury, I give you some insight as to what may happen in the United States investment markets.

How to Invest During a Pandemic

In this video, Trent discusses three things to look for when monitoring your investments during these challenging times.

Traffic Jam to Cash: One of the Reasons for the 2020 Market Crash

The majority of all global trade is done in US dollars. The US dollars that are outside of the US are referred to as Eurodollars. Eurodollars came about after World War II when the United States started to import goods from other countries. In July 1944, the Bretton Woods agreement, established by 44 nations, promised that their central banks would maintain fixed exchange rates between their

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