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More money in the bank image for landing pageWe all would love more money in our bank account, right? Are the "little" things keeping you from getting the things you truly want?

I know I'm guilty! I love going to Starbucks and buying a coffee, a pastry, or something else processed and bad for me. I try to stick with black coffee when I go - keeping it less than $3 (at least I think that's how much it costs). But most times I end up with a Grande Vanilla Latte, which is more like $7. Since I mostly work out of coffee shops, this adds up. It’s the modern day pleasure that stops me from buying a Lamborghini (at least this is what I’m telling myself).

Yes, a Lamborghini may be a bit excessive, but so is a Louis Vuitton purse - that's about $1800. We all have our extremes. Why do I go to Starbucks? It’s not for the coffee. It’s the experience. But it has started to get in the way of my wealth building and I suspect similar things maybe getting in your way too.  So I came up with a couple of things I can do instead that won’t cost me as much. 

  1. Make my coffee at home. Yes! I know! It’s not the same. I agree. But if you cut the coffee habit to 2 or 3 times a week, you will save some money. Take the amount you save each day and put it in a clear jar. After a while, you will have the cash you need for a Louis Vuitton purse or a new hunting rifle, or in my case a trip to Crested Butte, Colorado, for two weeks. Coffee or trip?

  2. Snacks cost a lot over time. The other day I was at the grocery store and came across the avocados for $0.88 cents a piece. I thought to myself, "that’s cheep and good for my brain." The fat in avocados is good for you. So I bought one. A large bottle of water and the avocados and I was set for the rest of my afternoon. Got out of there for under $4 and felt better about myself. Take the difference from a latte at Starbucks and a snack, subtract it from the grocery store run and put it in your jar.

We all want cash in the bank, but we also want the experience. Thinking differently is the trick. Who knows - you may start a new trend. Creating the environment and experience you want can help save you money.

If you want to talk more about some simple ways to save money, reach out to me. We can discuss your situation and figure out what may work best for you. Click here to view my calendar and schedule a complimentary phone appointment that is convenient for you.

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