If Not Now, Then When?

If not now handDuring this period of time I call "midlife exploration," I’ve come across a couple different books that I've found interesting. In one of them the author asks the question, “If not now, then when?”

I found this statement very empowering. I have a mental barrier when it comes to cold calling prospects. I’ve struggled with this my entire career and have found every excuse possible to not pick up the phone and call a prospect.

Have you ever gotten to a point in your life where you've gotten so frustrated with the way things are? With how things are going? With your achievement or lack thereof? I have been at this point for a while now. I've created tons of excuses over the years. When I heard this question, “If not now then when?” I asked myself, "When will I pick up the phone and conquer this fear?" So I wrote it on my hand. No, it’s not attractive, but it’s a reminder that tomorrow may not be here if I don’t take action today. By not taking action I may just  waste valuable time and maybe miss out on some great opportunities.

Do you have something you've put off for years? Maybe you’ve put off asking that special someone out on a date or taking that step to start a new business. We all have something that we put off. So ask yourself everyday, "If not now, then when?” Then answer the question with...TODAY.

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