212 Degrees..The Tipping Point

212 degrees image for landing pageEverything has a point where change happens. Water boils at 212 degrees, not 211. Most of us want something in our lives to change. Finding a way to make that change is our 212 degrees. How do you find that tipping point? I believe it’s easier than we think. We think too much and don’t take enough action. We must identify the “finish line” or the change and then look back to where we are today.

Here’s an example. Want to have $1,000,000 in the bank in 30 years? Then you need to save $91.32 a day.

When you break things down to their smallest denominator, anything can seem possible. Anything is achievable.

Find the “boiling point” and you will find the change.

If you want to talk more about how to achieve the change you want in your life, reach out to me. You can reach me at trent@grinkmeyerleonard.com or you can click the image below to view my calendar and set an appointment. 

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Change your Life, change

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