Why Getting "Likes" May Be Futile

why-getting-likes-may-be-futile-blog-post-photoSocial media – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. We know what they are. We are told they are the future of marketing. But, does a CPA get a measurable return on her investment by marketing on Instagram? Or does a clothing boutique gain customers by marketing on LinkedIn?

Not all social media marketing is great marketing. As business owners, we want our advertising dollars and our time to have a measurable return on investment. Yet, you may not be spending enough time researching where to spend those dollars. I came to this conclusion during the last quarter of 2016. I use both Facebook and LinkedIn to market my services. Looking back, I spent an equal amount on each platform. But, after examining 90 days of results, LinkedIn is blowing my Facebook efforts away! My LinkedIn efforts are generating an average of five prospect appointments a week compared to my Facebook efforts…ZERO in 90 days! But, aren’t my Facebook efforts building brand? Maybe, but could I be more strategic with my Facebook advertising? Could I spend less and achieve the same branding as before or better? I believe so.

So, I’m redistributing my efforts toward LinkedIn. I am going to focus 80 percent to LinkedIn and 20 percent towards Facebook. With Facebook, I’ll reduce my advertising spending and be more strategic by focusing on specialized “interest” groups. I believe I will see greater results with this approach.

I believe everyone deserves a shot the life they want to live. As a financial advisor, my job is to help you build wealth. Let me help you grow your business and become more financially secure.


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