Creating a Calendar and Workflow For Your Social Media Marketing Campaign, Part 2

Creating a Calendar and Workflow For Your Social Media Marketing Campaign, Part 2

Deciding how often you tell the world!!!
As I detailed in yesterday’s post, consistency is the key to marketing. You can see that dedicated consistency with companies like Nike, Coca-Cola, Levi Strauss, Toyota. They are marketed on every venue but they stay focused on their target market. To succeed at social media marketing, you will need to do the shutterstock_234077779same. Depending on who you are marketing to, your audience will be heavily on some social media outlets but not on others. Knowing who your audience is and where they spend their time on the internet is pivotal in your marketing success. For more info on this, be sure to read: “Who Is Your Audience? Targeting Your Prospect with Sniper-like Precision”. Email Jennifer at for a copy of our white paper on targeting the right audience.

Once you have decided who your target audience is, you need to find where “they live on the internet” or what social media sites they frequent the most. To find that out, you will need to research. Any time you spend on this research will definitely payoff in results. #Google is your best place to start researching. Are you wondering what to look for on Google?... Look at my wife’s company as an example. Ginger creates #ChristianArt. She sells all over the world but her art has a specific audience – Christian females ages 25 to 55-years-old. Where do they “live”? Social media demographic research shows that most Christian women in the target age group use Pinterest and Facebook. That same audience is starting now to populate Instagram. Bingo. That is the information needed. Ginger knows that she has three media platforms to focus her marketing toward. Next to figure out is how often to post.

  • Facebook: 3-10 times per week
  • Twitter: at least 5 times a day
  • LinkedIn: 2-5 times per week
  • Google+: 3-10 times per week
  • Pinterest: 5-10 times per day
  • Instagram: 2-3 times per day

If you read the above list and wondered to yourself how you could possibly keep up with all of that content and posting, know that this is where staying simple and focused comes into play. Start with your audience and where most of them “live”. For Ginger, Facebook is actually where most of her potential clients spend their social media time. Pinterest is next and then Instagram. Ginger focuses 80% of her attention on Facebook until she can develop enough content to support Pinterest’s 5 to 10 times per day posting effectiveness schedule. Remember, this a long road. Stay consistent and focus. The results will not be immediate but if you do your homework, get organized and start posting smart, you will see results.

Checkout tomorrow’s post, “From Idea to Post. Building a Process For Your Calendar”.

Rock on!!

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