Creating a Calendar and Workflow For Your Social Media Marketing Campaign, Part 1

Creating a Calendar and Workflow For Your Social Media Marketing Campaign, Part 1

shutterstock_193510067You are most likely reading this on one of many social media outlets on the internet. Social media marketing has become the most effective way to target your prospective audience. As an added benefit, it’s the most cost-effective, second only to referral marketing. If you are operating a business and not using social media to market, you are missing a huge opportunity.

To take advantage of this great marketing method, you need a strategic plan to get the maximum results. The two keys to a successful social media campaign are  #content and #consistency. In this three-part series, we will address both of those topics.

Calendar   If you’re like me, you live by your calendar. It tell us where to be and what’s most important and when it needs to be done. The calendar can aid you to build a strong #socialmedia campaign.

Workflow, Motion of the Ocean

To build an effective calendar, you need to create a process for:

    1. Who develops #content: My business partner Valerie ( ) and I have developed a system that works for our company. Like us, you may have multiple people creating content. Having a calendar is essential to our content flow. Each one of us has a different focus so our development of content happens at different times. The calendar keeps us on track for consistency and timing. It also makes each of accountable for what we are supposed to create and when.
    2. Who edits content: If you read this post before Jennifer got her hands on it, you would be upside down trying to figure out what I was trying to say. Any great writer, blogger or business person has an editor. Jennifer has that role in our company. She reads, edits and organizes each post. Without her reading and tweaking our posts, we wouldn’t portray ourselves the way we want to be seen to the world.
    3. Who is Captain of the #Calendar: Jennifer is our "Calendar Captain". Jennifer edits, organizes and posts our content. She keeps us on track for consistency and continuity. A Calendar Captain will keep your flow of content consistent. There are apps available for organizing and scheduling your posts, as well. Since we all have a main calendar through Outlook and to avoid confusion of using two calendars, we use one calendar for everything. Consider if you would benefit from adding another calendar or just operating from the one you use already.
    4. Who decides what content goes to which social media outlet and when: This is an editor / creator decision. Not all content belongs on all platforms. For example, if you are creating content for a young audience like my daughter does (, LinkedIn is not going to be the best audience. Instead, Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat would be more appropriate targets. For more info on this topic, be sure to read: “Who Is Your Audience? Targeting Your Prospect with Sniper-like Precision”. Email Jennifer at for a copy of our white paper on targeting the right audience.
    5. Finding or creating awesome images. A picture is worth a thousand words: Include an image with each post. Make it something relevant to your topic. Make sure it’s clear and well-done. Be careful about copyrighted images.   Using a stock photo website can be very beneficial.   Websites like have thousands of high-quality images you can use for a small fee. When posting photos of yourself or your company, quality does matter.   Having your grandmother shoot your business photos, unless she is a pro, isn’t a good idea. Remember images and photos on the internet represent you to the world.
    6. Posting: Schedule and post to the world. I recommend developing a month’s worth of content before posting the first time. By doing this, you get ahead of the game. Creating content for a month also keeps you consistent. When writing for the month, try to keep the same theme. Randomness sets you back and makes you look like scattered and unfocused.

Above are the first steps to creating a calendar and getting your workflow organized. Check back tomorrow for the second post of this three-part series.

Rock on!!!

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