15% of your brain...So how are you using it?

Science has determined that we only use 15% of our brain. I ibrain-graphicmagine what it could be like if we used only five percent more of our mental energy.   The things we could do, the accomplishments we could achieve -  they all could be amazing.

Cures for diseases, world peace, even greater technology - Who knows what we as humans could accomplish?

But if we are all only using 15% of our brain, how are we using it?

From the many relationships I've had, people I am surrounded with, the people I read about, how I see the world stage acting, I asked myself, “of that 15% of the brain we use,  how much of it is positive and how much is negative? “

You hear people talk about how much more they could be or how much more someone else could be. I believe 15% of our brain is not being maximized to bring us to our fullest potential, but rather to sabotage our fullest potential.  We use our brain to find excuses, to find reasons why we can't do something or why we should put it off.  We find a way to sabotage our own success.

So let's change the direction we use our brain. let's use 20% to sabotage our success and 80% to create our success. Practice that for a week.  Focus on creating success.  For example: You want to lose weight.  Use 80% of your brain power to focus on not eating a heavy carb diet or focus on getting up early in the morning and walking around the neighborhood.  Concentrate on the task of doing 10 burpees and 50 sit-ups. Instead of procrastinating calling prospects, pick up the phone for 30 minutes and cold call. When asked to do something distracting, say “no”. Take the initiative to just focus on what your goal is and do it for a solid week.

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