"Mom, you're spreading the peanut butter too thin! "

pbjI remember my Mom making peanut butter sandwiches for us for school lunches.  When times got tough or tight,  I noticed that the peanut butter thickness on the sandwich would get thinner. I would always ask my Mom, “Please put more peanut butter on.  That's the best part.”

I think we often times spread the peanut butter way too thin in our lives.   Whether you are running kids to camp or to practice every day and trying to juggle managing your household or trying to handle a job and then create and build relationships within your family or outside your family,  doing so much is costing you way too much. We can't continue to spread ourselves so thin because in the end, nothing really comes of it.  We're not on our best game and we don't achieve what we want to.    Instead we end up wasting a lot of time.   Someday we will look back and say to ourselves begrudgingly, “What did I do with all of my time?”

Don't waste your time focusing on trivial things that will honestly will not matter in the long-term future.  Rather focus on the things and the people that will matter.

Spread the peanut butter thick.

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